Domain names registration for your websites and web hosting with Ticopointer®

  • .COM $13.95
  • .NET $17.99
  • .ORG $14.75
  • .BLOG $27.78
  • .LA $39.19
  • .BIZ $18.29

Nuestros Planes

¡Los mejores planes adaptados a tu idea, emprendimiento o negocio!

Alojamiento Web (PHP - ASP.NET)
Planes desde $5.99/mensual $12.99/mensual Características
  • 1 Dominio Gratis en el plan anual
  • Almacenamiento Ilimitado
  • Ancho de banda sin medición
  • Correos empresariales ilimitados
  • Webmail y correos en todo dispositivo
  • Certificado Auto Let's Encrypt SSL gratis
  • Bases de Datos MySQL Ilimitadas (1GB each)
  • Bases de datos MS SQL Ilimitadas (200MB each)
  • Dominios extra ilimitados - Subdominios Ilimitados
  • Panel de Control - Cuentas FTP - Free Cloudflare CDN on Request
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 Fast CGI
  • ASP.NET 4.7 - ASP.NET Core 2.2
  • 99.9% online
  • Y mucho más...
Servidores VPS Auto-administrados | Núcleos Administrados | Totalmente Administrados
Planes desde $49.99/mensual $59.99/mensual Características
  • Almacenamiento de hasta 200 GB en SSD
  • Ancho de banda de hasta 5 TB mensual
  • Hasta 8 vCPU
  • Hasta 8 GB de Memoria Ram
  • Acceso Raíz
  • Despliegue de Sistemas operativos a un click
  • 99.9% en linea
  • y mucho más...

Why choose Ticopointer®

We are willing to go hand in hand with you to meet your personal projects and business goals or business through publishing content on the web.

We help you grow!

We are a company in the field of new technologies and constantly updating the new practices and uses for the proper functioning and security of our Data Centers based and distributed in its entirety in the new hybrid cloud. United hand in hand with the technological changes that have been taking place as well as the changes that are to come so that all our services are with state-of-the-art technology and innovation in all the services we provide for the desired growth of all our clients.


Infrastructure totally based on the new cloud, for purposes of performance and scalability we are willing at all times to help you in the necessary resources for the services you acquire with us, either in the list or Enterprise type plans with scalability of resources to a 100%. In all Web Hosting plans both storage and bandwidth are unlimited or unmetered as long as you comply with our terms and conditions of service. In cases where VPS Enterprise services are required, we work hand in hand so we continuously monitor all the resources of the service acquired, such as the ability to read the SSDs, available storage, ram memory, status of the CPUs, so that you are always online and without forgetting the daily backups in case of disasters.


Our award-winning support is very easy to use just by opening a support ticket in your environment as a client with just the subject, description of the support requirement, priority requirement as well as screenshots, images and videos to help you in everything you need so that your resources are always online. The more the community that believes in us grows, the sooner we have a forum so that they can share questions and answers and ideas in order to grow together and help each other. We love what we do, we will always be open to support tickets that are opened and we can help you in all the doubts and queries you have in all your services acquired with us.

Registro de dominios | Alojamiento Web | Servidores VPS

Primero comienza con un nombre de dominio que identifica su idea, emprendimiento o negocio y elije un plan de alojamiento web ya sea basado en Linux o Windows, tambien otras soluciones adicionales como Servidores VPS Administrados para tomar nota y aprovechar nuestros planes.

Domain Names

With Ticopointer® you can register your .com .net .org domain name and many more with just a few clicks. To have presence on the internet you need a domain name of your company, project or venture. In web hosting plans .com .net and .org domains are free, as long as you are with us each time you renew the plan on an annual basis. If you currently have a registered domain, transfer it with us and we give you an extra year of free renewal.

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Web Hosting

We have several options in web hosting both in Linux environment with the powerful control panel cPanel as well as Mysql / MariaDB v10.1 and PostgreSQL v9.2, in the Windows environment with the renowned Plesk Onyx control panel, includes in the plan the award-winning MS SQL Server 2017 Web Edition. In all of our web hosting plans, the Site Builder is very easy to use with just drag and drop. With us you will have your website in just a few minutes and we can not forget our web application installer tool such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop ... Remember that in the annual Web Hosting plan the domains .com .net and .org are free while you are with us, and that is not all since it also includes the SSL certificate by cPanel in linux and Let's Encrypt in Windows.

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

If the Web Hosting is not your thing and you need root access and be able to use both terminal, console or remote desktop, we have several options in virtual private servers such as the Self-Managed that is lower cost, the Core-Managed and the Fully-Managed if more resources or storage are needed we have other Enterprise plans with total scalability of resources at the request of the client, with total manual monitoring by our staff and in the cloud with daily backups of the entire disk and guaranteed security of the operation of this type of servers with their respective root user or administrator depending on the environment in Linux with options such as CentOS 7 of 64 Bits with Cpanel as a control panel and in Windows environment with Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2016. Contact us to help you with a Virtual Private Server VPS Enterprise SSD Fully-Managed with scalability according to the growth of your company or project with the ability to deploy resources with unlimited scalability. * Restrictions apply in licensing.

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Contáctenos para un Plan Enterprise

Comience primero con un nombre de dominio y un alojamiento web.

Idea, proyecto, emprendimiento, negocios, aprendizaje. ¡Todo comienza con un nombre de dominio!

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